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  • Added by: sierra111 @ 19 Apr 2012 11:24
    And then went to tasks then finished first Aion
    Just come out directly aion gold went to the small village, all the way to casually kill a few are blaming two ~~ To the village to pick only two tasks. Do first a quest to ensure that the the thieves regiment food task (the task difficulty of the new how much we all know, then both go to the yard, by the way the oil painted in the box on the task to the way random dot strange l to 3 Back to the task assigned to the task full access! Continue to do the first quest to ensure food thieves ~ kick down to the pond to take that Bo Lectra confession task. Then side to pick flowers, side and kill the birds! Do both tasks, the confession task cross the pond, come back another two duty of This time the money to return bound And then went to tasks, then finished first the task of the fortune-telling mother-in-law on the blue task with the weevil ~ to do the tasks selected to play the firefly (back on the road, Firefly more) ~ done to pay! Fortune-telling mother-in-law's mandate to pay return to the village to pick up weapons ~ 5 ~ 7 skill buying bandages with enough melee, and then buy the 2000 closure Soul stone, if it is to kill Star equipment to the main hand. Master bought a 2000 blue money medicine!Then flew to the fork in the road to access the full task, by the way pay the freight task ~~ Leather task do fight furry gray Blas, the name of the banner, you will find that you already went to the beach, casually hit several crew members out of the diary, go back t ...

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